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Home Made Swedish Food and Imported Quality Products in Thailand

We deliver with Kerry Express, door-to-door. Cost for the cooling box and freight will be added to your order.

When you have placed your order you will receive a preliminary order confirmation. We will send you the adjusted amount in the final invoice once we have checked your order. Our deli product weights are estimate and will be adjusted on your invoice.

When you receive your invoice, you will then have to pay the full amount in advance. Banking details are found on the bottom left corner on the invoice.

The order can be cancelled as long as you have not made any payment. Your order will however be terminated if we don’t receive your payment within 5 days sending you the invoice. You will then have to place the order again if you still want your products.

Once we have received your payment , we will send your products within 1-5 days.

For more information, call us or send us a message by using our contact form. Tel: 085-2945 241

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